Sari Azienda Agricola dell' Etna

Sari Farmhouse

In the Grotta Comune (Trecastagni-CT) city quarter, inside the Etna Park, Sari Farmhouse is protected by Ilice and Gorna Mountains natural slopes, inactive volcanic cones, in the fascinating south-east side of the volcano: here, where the earth converse with the sky, in a privileged position under the panoramic, landscaped and climatic profile, we produce spices and grow aromatic and officinal plants.

Etna, the Mountain

Thanks to her beauties Etna tells itself: the sunny vineyards of her districts, the groves of Mediterranean vegetation that overlook the sea from afar, the terraces cultivation to degrade, contents from the typical dry walls built in molten rocks which host indigenous and ancient varieties. During every season of the years, the temperature differences create a favorable microclimate to the enormous Etna’s biodiversity:
The mountain inebriates us with its colors and scents.

Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, each year attracts thousands of tourists from around the world: its spectacular eruptions have formed the life of small countries in the Etna area, ensuring a massive impulse to the development of productive and economic activities of the territory.

L’Etna, il vulcano attivo più alto d’Europa, richiama ogni anno migliaia di turisti da tutto il mondo: le sue spettacolari eruzioni hanno plasmato la vita dei piccoli centri etnei, assicurando un forte impulso allo sviluppo delle attività produttive ed economiche del territorio.