Term of biblical origin, contraction
of the lexeme “Arcu di Nuè” in ancient Sicilian dialect. The meaning is that of rainbow. The reference is to the famous story of the great flood.

Archinuè sustainable natural food colors

Cafoodda Snack Siciliani della Salute

SARI has at heart the enhancement of the raw materials of the Sicilian territory and the native varieties, recycles waste products, revisits the perimeter of the Slow Food in a fun and innovative way. At the basis of the project, an in-depth study on raw materials and their nutritional properties.

Kandinsky said that color is a means of exerting a direct influence on the soul. We eat not only to satisfy our appetite, but also and above all to feed our desire for beauty and harmony. Before even tasting the food, we observe it with our eyes, evaluate the color and shape and perceive different emotions and sensations.

Archinuè food colors, in fact, not only preserve the nutritional properties of the raw materials from which they are made, but also preserve their flavor.

This is the real revolution. Color nourishes us, color gives us joy and fun. Food powders, in general, are one of the most transversal and interesting applications to be carried out with the drying process of SARI.

Using special techniques, studied in our experimental laboratory on the slopes of Etna, the foods are dried and then pulverized. The manufacturing process, unique of its kind, also provides for the recycling of food waste components. The final product, our coloring powder, is suitable for all food needs, especially for those who have adopted a raw food diet, as the temperature of 42 ° C is never exceeded during the entire manufacturing process.



A new way of eating thinking about the well-being of the body and the palate


We believe that cooking is not just about eating. Preparing a dish means love for others, joy, passion for nature that gives us its fruits. The Archinuè line of food dyes is designed for those who put heart and fun into the kitchen. Furthermore, our dyes are suitable for the dishes of the little ones, who are reluctant to eat certain types of vegetables, as they keep intact the nutritional properties of the raw materials from which they derive.


Many people today choose a diet focused on the purity of foods consumed strictly raw or processed below 42 ° C, a temperature that allows to preserve the nutritional properties of the chosen food. Our coloring powders are perfectly in line with the requirements of a healthy raw food diet, preserving the flavor of the raw materials from which they derive and also allowing raw foodists to include an element of fun in their kitchen!


If you also wish to become a distributor of our Archinuè line of natural food colors, write your request by filling out the contact form you find on our website. The Archinuè line is produced and packaged by SARI with guaranteed quality standards and, by virtue of a careful manufacturing process, is suitable for those who have chosen a raw food diet.