Cafoodda: the typical sicilian snack

Cafoodda Snack Siciliani della Salute

Born from the collaboration of 7 young people from Catania, Cafoodda represents the symbol of Sicilian agri-food prosperity combined with the ingenuity of doing business. SARI farm and the Catania Beach Volleyball company Master Ball Academy join forces in the search for a product suitable for the increasingly demanding nutritional requirements, not only for athletes.

The product naming, Cafoodda, borrows the English term food, which has now fully entered the common language, to refer to the agri-food sector, and the Sicilian dialect term “cafuddari”, that means to eat quickly and voraciously.

This dual soul makes Cafoodda snacks a food that is easy and quick to consume, which preserves the natural properties of dried and dehydrated fruit.

The packaging expresses the desire to communicate the roots of the project: Sicily. The choice, in fact, falls on the stylized representation of the Kings and Women of the Sicilian cards that hold in their hands the typical products of which the snack is composed: the Etna hazelnuts, the Pizzuta di Avola almond, the Cola apples – typical variety of Catania – and the Coscia Pears.

The result is that Cafoodda is a line of functional snacks that follows the current food trends based on nutraceuticals (i.e. the nutrients contained in foods that have beneficial effects on health).

Cafoodda, a line of functional snacks, is the first entirely Mediterranean snack made with typical Sicilian products, health savers and taste savers which, thanks to its contribution of Omega 3 and Omega 6 (so-called good fats), insoluble fiber and proteins, as well as of sugars from dehydrated fruit, it is the ideal snack for those who want to stay in shape without sacrificing taste.



A new way of eating thinking about the well-being of the body and the palate


All functional snacks of the Cafoodda line are healthy and tasty. Excellent for a break dedicated to health and well-being. Cafoodda snacks, in fact, are exclusively based on dried fruit and dehydrated fruit, without any type of preservative. They therefore provide the right nourishment in terms of fibers, proteins and sugars. Especially suitable for those who lead a dynamic and sporty lifestyle! Available in flavors: Pizzuta d’Avola Almond and Coscia Pears, Hazelnuts and Apples from Etna.


The Cafoodda line of functional snacks are the result of careful research that aims to produce the perfect snack where balance and well-being do not penalize the flavor. The quality of the raw materials and the processing techniques of the products, without any addition of preservatives, preserve their taste, flavor and aroma intact. All this makes Cafoodda functional snacks a Gourmet snack for all lovers of healthy and good food.


If you wish to become a Cafoodda functional snack retailer, contact us by filling out the form on our website. We supply various distribution channels and the functional snacks of our Cafoodda line are present on the shelves of many food stores and typical products from all over the world. Cafoodda: easy to taste!