The CONTAMINAZIONI project starts from the desire to regain possession of one’s Mediterranean origins through the suggestions of a long journey to an unknown elsewhere.


Ingredients: typical Sicilian products from an unprecedented point of view. Sicilian cuisine, so rooted in the DNA of its people, is thus rediscovered by the eyes and skilled hands of the most dynamic and promising emerging Italian and international chefs.

Free rein to the stylistic expression of the voices of the food – chef but also food blogger – called to rethink Sicilian cuisine, with its strong and volcanic flavors, in an author’s key.

The result is a selection of signature products that give life to as many recipes elaborated from SARI products, children of the Etna area and the hot sun of Sicily.

The products of SARI line offer chefs the opportunity to get involved and experiment, while preserving the genuineness, flavors and nutritional properties of our raw materials.

To the chef, artist and author of the BOX of products and recipes, the task of involving all 5 senses in the creation of a single dish that is joy for the eye, perfume for the sense of smell, but also pleasure for the touch and authentic taste for the taste.

The CONTAMINAZIONI (/CONTAMINATIONS) project provides the periodic release of a luxury cookbook: an anchor and reference point for the context of use of SARI products, which will be an inspiration to cooking enthusiasts, but also to anyone who wants to explore their own culinary skills and gratify your senses. CONTAMINAZIONI is imagination and freedom to express oneself.



Are you a cooking enthusiast or a chef? Join the CONTAMINAZIONI project too! Find how.


If you are a cooking enthusiast you cannot miss the opportunity to try your hand at the luxury recipes of our chefs based on SARI products. Put all your cooking skills and the intense flavors of Sicily on the table. We guarantee you freshness, naturalness, well-being and taste. The chefs bring inspiration and you just have to add your imagination!


If you are an emerging chef, you too can try your hand at revisiting traditional Sicilian dishes in a new way. You can also decline the best recipes on the international scene in a Sicilian way as chef Uccalamma did with the classic American cheesecake!

Food Blogger

If you are a food blogger, we are looking forward to getting you involved in our project! Write us a message through our contact form and propose your point of view on the kitchen and on the thousand variations of Sicilian flavor notes. Let yourself be contaminated by SARI!