Dried Mint

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Cultivated in England since the 1700s, mint is a plant of European origins. It is a perennial, rustic and vigorous spice. The mint flowers are purplish. Its essential oils (menthol, lie, peppermint, crawler) make its scent fresh.


The dried leaves and flowers are used to flavor food in the kitchen. Also worth trying for the creation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, in meat and fish dishes.

Pack of 10 grams. Store the Mint in a cool, dry place. Our Mint is packaged in the Trecastagni plant, on the slopes of Etna.


Mint is probably still a little underestimated ingredient in the kitchen. It is great for dressing a fresh salad made with lettuce, rocket, cherry tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, dried fruit and other ingredients according to your tastes.


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The properties of mint


Mint can keep mosquitoes and other insects away, including flies and ants!


The mint tea calms abdominal cramps and promotes the natural digestion of food.


Did you know that mint, combined with water and apple cider vinegar, is the basis for the preparation of an excellent natural do-it-yourself detergent to also wash the interior of the furniture?