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Oregano is a perennial, evergreen species, spontaneous of the sunny areas on the slopes of Etna which give the plant a wealth of essential oils (Title, Carvacrolo). The stem, including flowers and leaves, is harvested manually in the hot summer months. Thanks to its intense aroma and strong taste, oregano is very versatile in the kitchen.


The bunches of Oregano are dried in a natural way, in dim conditions. Once the correct degree of drying has been reached, the flowers and leaves are peeled and chopped.


Thanks to its intense aroma and strong taste, Oregano is very versatile in the kitchen. Excellent on pizza, bruschetta, soups, first and second dishes of meat and fish.

Pack of 10 grams. It is advisable to keep the Oregano in a cool and dry place. Our Oregano is packaged in the Trecastagni plant, on the slopes of Etna.


Oregano has always been a very popular plant in the kitchen, especially for flavoring meat and fish dishes. It also goes very well with courgettes, potatoes, tomatoes and mushrooms.


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The properties of oregano

Origano Essiccato SARI

Oregano has natural antibiotic properties, useful to protect us from respiratory diseases.


Its Vitamin C content protects us from infections and allows the body to develop greater resistance even to free radicals.


The efficacy of oregano against staphylococcus makes it widely used in aromatherapy, and in the treatment of diseases affecting the respiratory tract.