Dried Rosemary

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Rosemary is a perennial, evergreen species widely spread in the Mediterranean basin; rich in essential oils (borneol, camphor, camphene, cineole, pinene).


The leaves, intended for drying for culinary use, are harvested throughout the year and packaged whole to maintain their aroma. Excellent as a flavoring on meat and fish dishes, it enhances the side dishes; pleasant also as an infusion.

Pack of 10 grams. Store the Rosemary in a cool and dry place. Our Rosemary is packaged in the Trecastagni plant, on the slopes of Etna.


Rosemary is used dried to flavor meat, fish (excellent with salmon), condiments, potatoes, vegetables, focaccia, legume soups, risottos and so on. It is kept in a glass jar and is perfect for flavoring dishes.


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The Properties of Rosemary


Rosemary has beneficial properties on the bone system. Its regular consumption acts as a natural antirheumatic!


If you suffer from asthenia, weakness or to relieve stress from physical and intellectual overwork, Rosemary will be for you.


Rosemary has antineuralgic, but also antiseptic, properties and has a good calming effect on fever and flu.